DANCE CENTRAL is offering a junior dance program that balances a mix of non-exam based and exam-based curriculum. We are dedicated to providing excellent classical ballet training to students of all ages and abilities. The technique of a well-trained ballet dancer benefits many other dance and sporting forms and learning it's fundamental principals will lay the foundations for future success. For those with aspirations to the highest level or just for pleasure and recreation, we believe all dance students have the right to the correct tutorage.  Inspired by the Vaganova method of training and pedagogy our vision is to create a student who is less injury-prone, quick in their ability to pick up choreography, versatile and has performance confidence. 


We wish to educate children to fully understand ballet by rekindling its mystique, instilling a sense of pride through correct discipline and gracious manners so young children will grow to fully appreciate the wonders of this special art form.


  Our experienced and nurturing teachers are devoted to raising the next generation of dancers.  Currently, we only have classes for ages 3-10yrs but will grow to accommodate the needs of students as they progress.  Take advantage of our competitive fees and the opportunity to be part of something special.  


 “Ballet is important and significant, yes. But first of all, it is a pleasure.”   

                                                                                                    George Balanchine