Non syllabus and syllabus methods of teaching work in harmony to build the foundations and skills necessary for future success.


PETIT ACADEMY is an excellent program for children aged 5 & 6. Free movement, story ballet, stretching and conditioning and a touch of musical theatre is incorporated into the lessons on a weekly basis. As they progress they will have the opportunity to learn a syllabus created by the Bbodance organisation. Children learn how to conduct themselves correctly as the class structure becomes more formalised while still nurturing a life long passion for dance.






JUNIOR BALLET ACADEMY 1-(7-8yrs), 2-(9-10yrs) & 3-(11-12yrs). An integral part of the Junior Academy Program is the incorporation of Open Ballet Technique.  This enables students to develop the cognitive skills required for correct muscular and mental development at a tailored pace.  Dance Central recognises that only teaching exercises from a syllabus can overshadow certain essential areas of balletic training during this crucial period.  Stretching/Conditioning and Acro is incorporated and is an important part of the program, Pre-Point training becomes an important focus in level 3. This combination will help students be the best dancer they can be.



Petit Academy                                        Saturday 9.30-10.30pm

     5-6 Years


Junior Ballet Academy 1                        Friday 3.45-4.45pm (Open Class) 

   7-8 Years                                             Saturday 2.15-3.15pm (Syllabus) 

                                                               Saturday 12.00-12.45pm (Optional Stretching/

                                                                                              Conditioning & Acro)


Junior Ballet Academy 2                        Friday 4.45-6.00pm (Open Class)

    9-10 Years                                          Saturday 11.00-12.00pm (Syllabus)

                                                              Saturday 12.00-12.45pm(Stretching/

                                                                                            Conditioning & Acro)                                


Junior Ballet Academy 3                        Friday 4.45-6.00pm (Open Class)

   11-12 Years                                          Saturday 12.00-12.45pm (Stretching/

                                                                                               Conditioning & Acro)

                                                              Saturday 12.45-1.45pm (Syllabus, Pre-Point Training)